All Serious Road Crashes Need FULL Investigation

It may sound like an obvious statement, but all serious road crashes MUST be fully investigated to establish all of the factors involved in the cause.

A flat tire completely unrelated to the incident linked to this post, but shown here to make the point that tires can deflate and CAUSE a crash OR they can deflate AFTER a crash. Proper forensic examination is needed to determine any blame. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons.)

Frequently, one might find that incomplete or sensationalized coverage by the media is to blame for misleading reports, and in the incident linked to this post we are making no claims whatsoever that the facts are anything other than those reported by the media.

It would, however, be a good thing if the relevant police department was able to report that the tire which allegedly malfunctioned on this driver’s Lamborghini has been or will be forensically examined at a suitable laboratory to determine whether a malfunction did cause the car the hit the median and then stop, or whether the car striking the median was the cause of any deflation of the tire.

Such things must always be established beyond any doubt whatsoever if justice is to be properly and accurately served, and jumping to conclusions prior to full determination in a court of law must always be avoided.

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