Memorial Page – Anna Schroeder plus Victims from U.S. Route 219, NY

Anna Schroeder

June 15, 1995 – Sept. 8, 2013


A pretty memorial to Anna Schroeder is now the only one visible on U.S. Route 219, between Springville and Ellicottville, Western New York.   But this road has a very grim history.

Roadside memorial to Anna Schroeder, Route 219 south of Springville, NY.

While the actual town of Springville has, in very recent years, been by-passed by an southward extension of the divided highway that comes south from Buffalo, one can still drive the full length of the older, undivided road all the way down to Route 242, about a mile east of Ellicottville.  This is a distance of about 18 miles, and a very scenic road it is, too.

But before the divided highway was extended around the edge of Springville, there used to be signs on the 219 southwards, stating how many crashes, injuries and deaths there had been on the road.  I regret now that in the eight years we lived near Buffalo, I never took a photograph of those signs because they are no longer there.

However, a search on the Internet pulled up some horrifying statistics from a 2002 article in the Buffalo News.  The situation was so bad that the ‘U.S. Route 219 Victims Memorial Committee’ was formed, and in the ten years prior to 2002, the group documented a stunning 86 fatalities and more than 1,300 crashes.  The committee “raised money and erected five signs on the road to raise awareness on [sic] the number of fatalities and accidents” on what was described in the article as “the 28 miles of road.”


The photograph and details in this post regarding Anna Schroeder were added by Road Safety USA, and not her family.  If any of Anna’s family or friends see this and wish to add details and/or other photographs, you will be very welcome to do so.

6 Replies to “Memorial Page – Anna Schroeder plus Victims from U.S. Route 219, NY”

  1. I am Mike Schroeder father of Anna c Schroeder. I would like to thank you for placing this article. Anna would have been proud to see she is still making a difference. Two people died that day. The other one was me.
    Sincerely Mike Schroeder

    1. Thank you for contacting us by PM regarding this family tragedy, Mr. Schroeder. We are extremely saddened that you and your family have found yourself in this dreadful situation.

      We will be very pleased to help you develop the Memorial Page to Anna so that people will know more about who she was, and also in the hope that somebody, somewhere, will take enough notice that they will adjust their own driving and a life may be saved.

  2. I am so very Grateful for you contacting me to tell me that you added Anna to your fantastic project that saves lives! I know how much this delights her because she was always about making CHANGE for the Positive where she could! In Anna’s short life, she was able too touch many souls and teach people how to be a TRUE Friend! ( By example of course ) I am glad I was in her life to make the impacts that I did for her and Anna will NEVER be Forgotten, because GREAT Souls Carry on Forever More❣️❣️❣️ Anna is a Great Soul❣️??✝️???? Thank you, for being who you are, and creating such a great amount of knowledge to keep people safe while driving on our roads and highways! Your knowledge that you are passing along is incredible and really done well, and format is easy to follow for all to use❣️ Just brilliant ❣️ The day I opened your message I just seen Anna’s father who was going to wax the car that he created just for his daughter after her passing! It’s beautiful and has her favorite color, light green ( it’s a healing color) , and beautiful butterflies ? which was another one of her favorites, because of what they represent!!! The car states Anna all over it, just a beautiful dedication to Daddy’s little Girl ❣️❣️❣️???? ?✝️? I know that this has happened by Anna’s hand, and I thank you for listening and following when you didn’t even know what the total outcome would be! Synchronicity at it’s finest ❣️??? Mike, has to go to Graduation at Anna’s class to hand out scholarship to recipient today! Now, he can show this beautiful site that you put his daughter in to help others not to ever experience the pain that he has to endure for the rest of his lifetime.? Thank you again, God bless you and your family and keep up all your great work❣️❣️❣️?

    1. Dear Ms. Burgos, we are intensely gratified that our work has clearly touched your heart on this dreadfully sad situation. Thank you for your immensely kind words.

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