Memorial Page – Justin Colt (25) TX

Justin Colt was born in Ft. Worth, TX, July 14, 1990.

Justin Colt, 1990-2015.

On August 20th, 2015, Justin was a mile east of Midland, TX, on his way to town on his motorcycle when a drunk driver ran two stop signs and turned onto a one-way street the wrong way.  At the intersection of Chukkar Lane and Business 20 the drunk driver hit Justin head-on, killing him instantly.  Justin was thrown back and landed in the road about 20 feet from his motorcycle.

The drunk driver got out, put his shirt on Justin’s neck where the truck had cut it open, felt for a pulse, saw that Justin was dead, and then jumped back into his truck and drove over two more miles, still going the wrong way,  until his tire fell off and stopped him from going any further.  He then got out of his truck and started asking other drivers for a ride but someone called the police and held him there until he was arrested.  One year later he took a plea deal of 12 years in prison and is still currently serving his time.

“Justin was fearless.” This was “his signature, hands up, bike jump.”

Justin’s mother Rene’ writes:  “Before the crash, Justin had told me that one day I would have to forgive someone for killing him or one of my girls.  I told him I never would do that but he then told me that God forgives me everyday and how do I expect God to forgive me if I can’t forgive others.  I now live by Justin’s words every day.  I do forgive the young man that killed my son.

Justin Colt with his sisters Ariel & Brooke

“Justin’s absence is so deafening.  He is missed more than words could ever express.  I know he’s waiting for me, until I am called home to be with Him Jesus God, and my other loved ones gone before me.  I wait patiently for that day.

Justin, with his mother Rene’ Ledford and his sisters Ariel & Brooke

“Justin was fearless in everything he did.  He was faithful to God and Jesus, and would preach about God’s words.  He loves his family and friends deeply.  He gave to the homeless.  He talked to strangers that God told him to speak with.  He was so Passionate about spreading God’s love and forgiveness.”

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