Memorial Page – NY State Trooper David W. Cunniff

Trooper Cunniff, 35, died on December 17, 2013, as a result of injuries he received a day prior when his patrol car was struck by a tractor trailer.

Photo: NYSP

Trooper Cunniff had made a traffic stop on the New York State Thruway in the City of Amsterdam. While he was in the process of issuing a traffic summons, a tractor trailer veered off the roadway and struck his patrol car as well as the vehicle he had stopped.

Trooper Cunniff was a nine-year veteran and was assigned to SP Fultonville at the time of his death.


This memorial page has been published here by written permission of the New York State Police.

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  1. This comment was received from a State Trooper this morning by e-mail. I am adding it here, as is, because it speaks volumes:

    “I worked with Dave. Today is his End of Watch. Thank you for helping him to be remembered, he was a truly good man.”

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