Our RS-USA Road Victims’ Memorial Pages and the New York State Police

News Release

December 17, 2019

On behalf of Road Safety USA, I’m delighted to announce that we have just received written permission from New York State Police [NYSP] that we may publish all of their known memorial records and photographs of troopers who have tragically been killed in the line of duty, either in a crash or by a motor vehicle.

NYSP Dodge Charger

By no means are our memorial pages in any way for law enforcement officers more than anybody else; they are for absolutely anyone who has been killed in a road crash in the USA at any point during the full history of the automobile.

We are, however, honored that the NYSP have permitted us to undertake this action, and in turn, we will be highly honored to show our respect to any LEO in America who tragically has been killed in a road collision.

It is important for the families of the officers in question to be aware that we will greatly welcome additional information and photographs (where possible) to add to the individual pages for any officers we honor in this way.

Anybody wishing to view one or more memorial pages, just go to the ‘search’ box on any page of this website, and enter the two words: memorial pages, then a comma, then a name or any other relevant term (such as, in this case, law enforcement, or NYSP).  Use commas to separate each search term.

Trooper David W. Cunniff, 35, who died six years ago today, on December 17, 2013, as a result of injuries he received a day prior, on the I-90 at Amsterdam, NY, is the first person we remember and honor under this arrangement.

Eddie Wren (Exec. Director)


Anybody who wishes us to create a memorial page for a relative or dear friend who has been lost as a victim of a vehicular crash, or who wishes to add to an existing page, please simply contact us.

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