Memorial Page – Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Pfluger, San Jacinto County, TX

6:45pm, Saturday, December 21, 2019

Deputy Sheriff Brian Pfluger was killed as a result of a vehicle crash at the intersection of SH 150 and Hill Lane, Coldspring, Texas.

Photo: San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Pfluger was responding to a burglary call and following behind another deputy.

As the deputy in the first patrol car slowed to make a turn, 36-year-old Deputy Pfluger allegedly swerved in an attempt to avoid a rear-end collision but his vehicle clipped the front car and rolled over.

Sadly, Deputy Pfluger was not wearing a seatbelt and as a result of this he was ejected and thrown around 50 feet.

Deputy Pfluger was the son of a retired trooper and has been a sheriff’s deputy for the past four years. He is survived by his wife and a new baby.


Tragically, two sheriff’s deputies were killed in separate crashes on this day, many hundreds of miles apart.  To see details of the other officer lost, click here.


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