Three Teens Killed in Christmas Night Crash in Pleasanton, CA

Three teenagers, including twin brothers, were killed in a Christmas night crash in Hyundai that was heading south on the rural Foothill Road,  near Pleasanton, on the East Bay.  All three of the deceased were students at Dublin High School.

Twins Mark and Michael Urista (Photo: GoFundMe)

It has been stated that the car had rolled over and was found, wrapped roof-first around a tree, having already demolished a utility pole. Two other teens were ejected from the vehicle and they have been hospitalized with major injuries.

The dead teenagers have been named as twin brothers Mark and Michael Urista, plus Javier Ramirez, all of whom were 16.

Investigators appear to have ruled out alcohol and drugs as potential factors but are looking at distracted driving and speeding as possible causes.

A youth who took flowers to the scene said “…Teachers have told us about how Foothill Road is very dangerous, how when they went to school a lot of their friends they’ve seen pass away there before.”



In due course, if any family members or friends of any of the victims of this terrible crash wish to provide further information or photographs of their loved ones, we will consider it a privilege to create individual memorial pages. Please contact us at Road Safety USA.

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