Road Safety USA article about ‘Attitude’ published on Forbes

Road Safety Culture and Attitude in the USA

We are delighted to let our readers know that Forbes has published an interview with Eddie Wren, our Executive Director at Road Safety USA, regarding the comparisons between both attitude and road safety culture in the USA and Europe, and the impact these issues have on crash and casualty figures here in the States.

In Norway, it is an everyday event to see some of the vulnerable road users bending the rules, like this skateboarder riding among traffic on a major street, but not once did we see any hostility or impatience from drivers in the vicinity.  They simply slowed down and gave such people plenty space.  In terms of safety, it was wonderful to see.   (Copyright image, 2019.)

Among the topics covered which may be of interest to readers are:

Driver Training & Education Issues
  • Gross inadequacy of state drivers’ manuals
  • A total absence of high-quality driver training materials and standards
Highway Engineering Issues
  • Inadequate materials used for pavement markings
  • Thoroughly inadequate safety facilities for pedestrians
Legislation and Victim Issues
  • Inadequate punishments for such as drunk-drivers
  • Disastrous delays in introducing laws such as bans on using hand-held devices
  • Victims’ families repeatedly being ignored or dismissed by politicians when better laws to save lives are requested
  • Corporate influence has far too much effect on U.S. safety legislation
  • BAC — .08 or .05?
Attitude, and Road Safety Culture
  • ‘My’ rights to do, as opposed to ‘our’ right to be safe
  • Profits are held to be more important than human lives
  • Road rage, or the lack thereof
Government Attitudes
  • Failure to respond to or even publicly acknowledge that the USA is a very long way behind many other nations in keeping its people safe on the roads
  • The need to cherry-pick best practices from all top countries
  • One size does not fit all


Read the full Forbes article, by Tanya Mohn.

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