MEMORIAL PAGE – NYSP Trooper Nathaniel Burroughs (1997)

New York State Trooper Nathaniel Burroughs, aged 30, was fatally injured on February 14, 1997, while investigating a one-vehicle crash on Route 17 in the town of Mamakating, NY, during hazardous weather conditions.

NYSP Trooper Nathaniel Burroughs

Trooper Burroughs had taken steps to secure the safety of the lone operator/occupant of the damaged vehicle by activating his emergency lighting and protecting the scene with his troop car.  However, as Trooper Burroughs began interviewing the driver in front of the damaged car, a tractor-trailer skidded off the slick, ice-covered road into the Troop car and forced it into the crashed car, which in turn struck the two men.  Both men were thrown a considerable distance.  Trooper Burroughs died from his injuries a short time later at Horton Memorial Hospital.

Trooper Burroughs was a 10-year veteran and had served exclusively with Troop F.   He was assigned to SP Wurtsboro at the time of his death.


This memorial page has been published here by written permission of the New York State Police.

If any family members or friends wish to add further information or photographs to this page, it would be our privilege to do so in Nathaniel’s memory.  If that is the case, please contact us at Road Safety USA.


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