Over One Million People Killed on U.S. Roads in Just 26 Years!

Did you know that over a million people have been killed on America’s roads in just the last 26 years?

Scene of a fatal road accident. (Copyright image, Eddie Wren, 2019.)
Scene of a fatal crash.  (Copyright image, 2012.)

That’s an average of more than 38,800 road deaths in the USA each year.

But let’s not make an age-old mistake and call this outrageously high number of fatalities “accidents.”  For more than three decades, road safety experts worldwide have been making the entirely valid point that most people think of accidents as being unintentional and effectively blameless incidents.

The truth, however, is that over 90 percent of road crashes have human error as a factor and 56 percent have driver error as the absolute cause.  This means that people ARE to blame, so let’s stop enabling the situation by perpetuating the myth that the deaths are caused by some unintentional twist of fate.

The saddest part of this horrible equation is that if the USA could match the rates of road deaths achieved in the world’s leading road safety nations, over 25,000 American lives would be saved every year, and if that were the case, it would have taken over 72 years to hit that ‘one million’ total!  (And we haven’t even mentioned the hundreds of thousands of victims badly injured each year!)

The figures for the total number of U.S. road deaths mentioned above have been obtained from Wikipedia and even if they are not necessarily 100 percent accurate, year-by-year, they are certainly close enough for the headline of this article to be correct.

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  1. Too many inexperienced drivers on the highways! Mostly from South of the border! Very bad, rude, obnoxious, think they can drive! Extremely bright headlights don’t help.

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