How to stay safe from the Corona Virus when travelling by car – important info’

Even now, just a few weeks into the Covid-19 corona virus assault on the USA, we know that the critical factor in trying to avoid this deadly illness is to avoid contact with other people.  But even travelling by car isn’t entirely safe so what can we all do to improve the situation?

Photo: Skoda

Jana Parmová, chief physician at ŠKODA, a major European automaker, has outlined the basic rules everyone should follow:  “Ideally don’t go anywhere.  [However], if you have to go somewhere, go alone – [try hard not to] share the car with anyone.  If you have to go with someone, make sure that the person does not have acute symptoms of respiratory illness.  Use a respirator or at least a facemask.  Make sure you have the contact details of all the other passengers so that you can track them down if you find out you’re infected.”

If you can’t avoid coming into contact with others and going somewhere by car, pay thorough attention to preventive hygiene measures.  “Disinfect all the surfaces you ALL touch, before and after the journey, especially if you’re sharing the car with someone or gave someone a [ride],” Doctor Parmová says.

Read the full, very informative article, from Skoda.

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  1. As a person with no immune system, and could get any virus very easy and could potentially kill me, this is vital information. Thank you for sharing!

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