MEMORIAL PAGE – Heather Leigh Hurd – 1981-2008

On January 3, 2008, Heather Hurd was headed to Disneyland to plan what would be the most important day of her life — her wedding.  Tragically, on that day, a distracted driver took everything away from Heather, forever.

Heather Hurd

Heather’s parents, Kim and Russell Hurd, went from planning her wedding to planning her funeral. They never got to see their baby girl walk down the aisle. They never got to see her become a mother herself.

Both Russell and Kim would do anything to hear her mischievous little giggle just one more time.

Her little brother no longer has his big sister.  Heather was not there to celebrate his wedding day.  She won’t be there to be an aunt to his children.

In honor of Heather Hurd and all victims of distracted drivers, please turn your phone off and NEVER drive distracted.

Fatalities due to distracted driving are completely preventable.  Respect the roads, the vehicle you’re driving, yourself, and others, and focus 100% on the road.


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