Did you know that over 36,000 — yes, thirty-six thousand — Americans are killed each year in road crashes in the USA?  That is the NHTSA figure, although the National Safety Council puts it nearer to 40,000,  Either way, this is a disastrous situation that a recent Secretary of Transportation justifiably described as an epidemic.

Road Safety USA, Inc., has been established with several specific goals in mind but the two at the top of the list are:

  • To use our own extensive expertise together with a research-guided, multi-disciplinary approach to help reduce the excessive number of people being killed or seriously injured [KSI] on America’s roads each year;
  • To support road crash victims and bereaved loved-ones, and by doing so, to increase public perception and understanding of the scale of the issue.
The Avenue of Flags at the United Nations, Geneva.

We are the first to recognize and acknowledge that there are several major causes of crash fatalities and serious injuries, including distracted driving, drunk driving, speed, weather and red light/stop sign violations (although authorities differ on the order in which these rank), and these clearly need concerted attention.  However, there are plenty other causes of road deaths and we will put some of our focus on those, too.

Our Executive Director at Road Safety USA, Eddie Wren, has long been active in relation to global research and international conferences, attending the latter on three continents, not only as a delegate but also a speaker.  This includes the United Nations in both Switzerland (photo above) and New York City during preparations for and the progress of the international Decade of Action for Road Safety, 2011-2020.

Road Safety USA is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization and is registered under Section 501(c)(3).