Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety – Key Safety Legislation

The “16 Lifesaving Laws” Pursued by the Advocates

Based on government and private research, crash data and state experience, Advocates has determined the traffic safety laws listed below are critical to reducing motor vehicle deaths and injuries. For the purposes of this report, states are only given credit if the state law meets the optimal safety provisions as defined below. No credit is given for laws that fail to fully meet the criteria in this report. Also, no credit is given for laws that are subject to secondary enforcement or for GDL laws that permit an exemption based on driver education programs.

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Combatting Drunk-Driving in the USA

Back in 1992, the World Medical Association [WMA] recommended that no country in the world should permit drivers to have a blood-alcohol concentration [BAC] higher than 0.05 percent, on the basis that medical research had proved anything above this level created an unacceptable level of risk.

In countries which have led the battle against deaths and injuries caused by drinking and driving, the push now is to change the safety culture until people reach the point where they accept the wisdom outlined in this excellent advertisement from the Heineken company.

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Cruelty to Animals is now a Federal Felony yet a Drunk Driver Killing Someone is Not

According to ABC News, animal cruelty is now a federal felony.We have no problem with this scenario whatsoever, except to ask that if animal cruelty warrants classification as a federal felony, why are people who drive drunk, drugged, distracted or plain dangerously, and kill someone as a result, not treated in the same ‘federal felony’ manner?

What is this if not an astonishing and frankly inexplicable imbalance of priorities?

The NTSB Calls for National Safety Standards for Limousines

News Release — ​Washington DC — Oct. 2, 2019

The National Transportation Safety Board Wednesday called for new national requirements for seating and seat belt systems on limousines, citing evidence gathered in investigations of accidents in New York, Illinois and New Jersey.
The NTSB’s Safety Recommendation Report recommended that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration require lap/shoulder belts for each passenger seating position on all new vehicles modified to be used as limousines. It also requires seating systems in these vehicles to meet minimum performance standards to ensure their integrity during a crash.

The Ford Excursion limousine from the Schoharie crash. [NTSB]
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Roadside Safety for U.S. Law Enforcement Officers

One area of great concern to us at Road Safety USA is the welfare of state troopers and other emergency services personnel at traffic stops and highway incidents.  In the interests of full disclosure, the writer of this post is himself a retired traffic patrol police officer.

State police officer doing a traffic stop at night and nearly impossible to see until the last moment because he was not wearing a reflective jacket or vest.
A state trooper in significantly greater danger through the lack of reflective garments. As is so often the case, the flashing lights on the patrol vehicle were seriously dazzling, and the officer was effectively invisible until the last moments.  (Copyright image, 2017.)

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Bereaved Relatives Fighting to Get Justice for Loved Ones – USA & UK

The problem appears to be the same on both sides of the Atlantic:  distraught people who have just lost a partner, a parent, a sibling or a child, are repeatedly being told that a driver responsible for their tragic loss is only going to be charged with a low-ranking offence or maybe not charged at all.

This 40-minute video shows that victims in Britain are just as devastated by reluctance on the part of prosecutors as have been many of the people I have spoken to here in the USA in just the past few days.

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