Key People

Eddie Wren — Executive Director

Eddie has extensive experience in various fields within road safety, over the last 46 years and in four continents.  A brief, reverse-order summary is:

  • Currently the President and Chief Instructor of Advanced Drivers of North America (ADoNA), prior to which he was the Vice President & Chief Instructor at Advanced Drivers of America (no ‘North’), the predecessor of the current corporation;
  • Expert Witness (California): Maximum safety and best practices in driving techniques;
  • Consultant in traffic safety, driver training issues, and the accuracy of driving techniques and driver knowledge content for state drivers’ manuals.  As an example, one client for this has been the Washington State Department of Licensing, in relation to a significant update of the WA State Drivers’ Manual;
  • A qualified/experienced professional photographer and an expert in using this for traffic safety subjects;
  • Overseas Director of SafeDrive Africa (2014 – 2019);
  • Chair (Jan. 2011- Feb. 2014) of the Driver Behavior, Education and Training Committee for the International Road Federation [IRF] Road Safety Working Group, Washington D.C.
  • A two-term director of the International Road Federation, Washington, D.C. (see above);
Eddie Wren, a delegate to the United Nations, both in Geneva and New York, here seen at a UN road safety conference in NYC.
  • A delegate and/or speaker at many national and international traffic safety conferences, including the United Nations, in both Geneva and the USA.
  • Executive Director of Drive and Stay Alive, Inc. [DSA], a 501(c)(3) which concentrated on disseminating accurate safety information to young drivers in North America (2004-2011);
  • Managing Director of Advanced Driver Training, Ltd.;
  • A civil investigator for crashes and road traffic issues on behalf of lawyers and insurance companies;
  • UK police specialist in safety for young drivers and motorcyclists;
  • UK police officer, now retired, primarily on highway patrol duties.  This included the investigation of countless collisions, including many fatal crashes.

If you need further details regarding Eddie, his full traffic safety resume is here, at the ADoNA website.


Roberta (Robin) Mayer — Director (Government Relations)

Robin is currently Principal at Mayer & Associates strategic communications consulting firm. As such, she has participated in the assessment of more than 20 state occupant protection and impaired driving programs, examining their communications and outreach programs; has assisted in the development and updating of traffic safety curricula, websites, and guidebooks and websites on a variety of topics for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; and has provided training on social media for state and local governmental agencies. She provides services as a copywriter, technical editor, and social media trainer.

Robin Mayer (copyright image, 2019)

Prior to opening her consulting firm, Robin retired from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as its Chief of the Office of Consumer Information, responsible for the development and implementation of NHTSA’s national media campaigns and consumer information and materials for both behavioral and motor vehicle programs. As such, she:

  • Provided oversight on all NHTSA publications to ensure consistency with Agency policy and to ensure multicultural goals were being met and provided technical assistance to states in the development and placement of state-specific traffic safety advertisements;
  • Directed development of communications plan to improve brand recognition and managed the redesign of its website;
  • Represented the Agency at national, regional, and State meetings of senior government and private sector officials for the purpose of obtaining additional funding and enlisting partners for a variety of programs and activities.

During her tenure at NHTSA, she also served as the Chief of the Impaired Driving Division, Chief of the National Outreach Division, Policy Advisor, and Program Analyst/Highway Safety Specialist, responsible for the following:

  • Project manager for the Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program, assisting in the development and delivery of the three DEC training programs and leading site visits to the States to assess their ability to implement and maintain a successful program;
  • Developed and delivered the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) training program to law enforcement personnel;
  • Managed the National Chemical Breath Testing Program, including development of the specifications for breath test equipment (evidential and calibration devices) and developed regulations for the Department of Transportation’s breath test program for all transportation workers;
  • Developed and delivered training for prosecutors and judges relating to impaired driving.

Prior to joining NHTSA, Robin was a Senior Program Analyst with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), during which time she was responsible for highway safety programs including the development of Standardized Field Sobriety Test training and related programs, occupant protection communications, police pursuit policies, and assessments of law enforcement agency programs. During her tenure at the IACP, Mayer developed and delivered a number of training programs, and several of the initial traffic standards for law enforcement agency accreditation (which came to be known as CLEA standards).

In 2018, Robin was re-elected to her third three-year term of the Damariscotta, Maine, Board of Selectmen, and currently serves her third year as its chairman.

Robin graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in English Education, and has worked toward a Masters of Education at Bowie State University in Maryland.


John Beecroft — Director (Corporate Relations)

John is now a qualified ‘Gold’ Advanced Driver, through Advanced Drivers of North America [ADoNA], and is one of only a few individuals to achieve this demanding and extremely high safety standard.  Originally, he became interested in advanced driving 35 years ago after attending a road safety course conducted by the London borough of Greenwich. Shortly after this, he passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists [ IAM] test which was assessed by a Metropolitan Police class 1 driver.  John then spent a year in the UK as an observer for the IAM Southeastern group after further training and assessment from a retired UK class 1 traffic police officer.

He has a Bachelors degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, plus a  Masters degree in Systems Engineering, both from the University of Surrey.

John has lived in the USA since 1986, in Connecticut, Minnesota, and California.

As a result of his profession in electrical engineering and a deep, long-term interest in driver safety, John is one of the two co-founders of Road Safety USA.