Dangerous Lane-Changing by Truck Drivers – Remind Your Family & Friends

Remind all the drivers among your family and friends to always look for people doing lane-changes without signalling, particularly at intersections when they realize they’re heading the wrong way!  See all five photo’s, below.

So far, all appears normal, Vehicles in the two right lanes are heading for I-87 North, and in the two left lanes for I-87 South or I-90 West. (Copyright image, 2019.)

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Memorial Page – James Dean – 1955 (CA)

In order to highlight the dangerous but very commonly-held belief that  ‘it will never happen to me,’ and the extreme irony of Dean having recently made a Public Service Announcement for the NSC, about the dangers of fast driving on highways (see final paragraph), our very first Memorial Page is purposefully dedicated to one of the most famous Americans ever to lose his life in a car crash — James Dean, 1931-1955.

James Dean (Wikimedia Commons)

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A ‘Ride-Along’ with Dekalb County Police Department, Georgia

The original “Three E’s” of road safety* are still perfectly valid, even though more categories have now been added, but one of the originals — Enforcement — is my own career background and is therefore of particular interest and importance to me.

At the crash scene.  Sedan and SUV patrol vehicles of the Dekalb County Police Department, which is on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia. (Copyright image, 2019.)

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All Serious Road Crashes Need FULL Investigation

It may sound like an obvious statement, but all serious road crashes MUST be fully investigated to establish all of the factors involved in the cause.

A flat tire completely unrelated to the incident linked to this post, but shown here to make the point that tires can deflate and CAUSE a crash OR they can deflate AFTER a crash. Proper forensic examination is needed to determine any blame. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons.)

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The Big List — U.S. Road Crash Fatality Comparisons that will Stun You!

For many years, there has been a tendency to state that ‘x’ days of road fatalities are the same as a full Jumbo Jet airliner crashing, but no matter how effective the comparison is intended to be, this relies on both the teller and the listener knowing – for example – which size of Jumbo jet one is talking about; there are several different passenger-carrying capacities so even though it is a big plane the concept is a bit vague.

Memorial garden at the crash site of Colgan Air (Continental Connection) Flight 3407, which occured on February 12, 2009, with the loss of fifty lives.
The memorial garden in Clarence Center, NY, a location which — at the time of writing — is the site of the most recent passenger plane crash in the USA, which occurred more than ten years ago.  As a matter of perspective, however, the fifty people lost in that tragic, headline-news incident represent less than half of the people who are killed, on average, every single day of every year on America’s roads. (Copyright image, 2019.)

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