Road Victims’ Memorial Pages

These pages are for victims who have been lost in crashes, collisions, or vehicular accidents* on any road, highway, driveway, or parking lot, throughout the entire USA, and in any year right back to the 1800’s.

Even when they see signs like this, it’s a sad fact that many drivers only think about whether their own progress will be delayed.  By creating and publicising our Road Victims’ Memorial Pages, we aim to help increase awareness and trigger additional caution among American road users. (Copyright image, 2019.)

To see pages that have been posted so far, please go to the Home page and scroll down until you can see a link to “Memorial Pages” below the “Categories” heading.  Alternatively, please use the “Search” box to enter the name of any person you wish to search for.

These victims’ pages are for everyone but will include famous people to remind us all that road tragedies can affect absolutely anyone; in this case James Dean (Wikimedia Commons)

We invite anyone to submit details of a loved one or dear friend who has been lost in a road tragedy.

Dilapidated roadside memorial cross in long grass.
Sadly, many roadside memorials are damaged or simply collapse after only a few short years. (Copyright image, 2019.)

If you wish, we will send you guidelines about what we need in order to complete a page for your loved one.  Simply Contact Us and ask.


Like all knowledgeable road safety professionals, worldwide, we prefer not to use the word ‘accidents’ for tragedies that could almost always have been avoided, however, Internet search engines have no such scruples and we need to use the word here so that people doing a search which includes it will find this Website and Web page.

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