Poor Safety Standards at the Federal Highway Administration

‘Modern roundabouts’ were invented in Britain in the 1960s and these were a dramatic improvement on the rotaries and traffic circles of old.  For whatever inexplicable reason, they were not introduced by the USA until the early 2000s — following over 40 years’ of prior use and best-practice development elsewhere.

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Far Too Many Harmful Errors and Omissions in US Road Safety Advice… even from the Government!

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When Road Safety USA was established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in 2019, one of our key goals from the outset was to work to reduce the astonishing number of failures in the official advice that is given to drivers and other road users in the USA.

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LGBTQ rainbow-colored crosswalks

Many people think multi-colored crosswalks are cute.  The Federal Highways Administration [FHWA] on the other hand, thinks that colorful pavement markings can obscure or perhaps distract from other essential safety markings.

One question with arty crosswalks concerns their conspicuity, or lack thereof, in the dark, especially as it would seem very unlikely that the colored paint will contain a high-glass-bead content or similar reflective treatment.  Many colors are hard to see in the dark, even when illuminated by street lights.  [Wikimedia Commons]
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