Why is the wording of ‘Move Over OR Slow Down’ so important?

We have previously published an article about what is commonly known as the ‘Move Over Law,’ but the subject has proved to be contentious, so let’s look at the importance of the wording in more detail.

This post will focus specifically on divided highways.  Undivided roads often require much lower speeds from the passing vehicles, and in extreme situations, possibly even the need for drivers to stop. 

We will discuss the divided highway scenario by talking about a vehicle standing on the shoulder on the right.  Naturally, the lateral aspects need to be reversed if the static vehicle is on the left, beside the median.

This unmodified photograph was taken with a long lens from distance, and from two lanes away from the red pick-up truck. The truck driver easily could have changed lanes, away from the man on the shoulder but didn’t. The expression of the man on the shoulder says it all! [Copyright image, 2020]

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Move Over Or Slow Down (the wording is important)

Around the USA, most states have legislation for which the name is typically shortened to the ‘Move Over Law,’ but some states then go on to give advice that is inaccurate and potentially unsafe.

An almost perfect sign in New York State.  The safest advice is ‘Move Over or Slow Down.’ See the article for a full explanation.   (Copyright image, 2019.)

For example “slow down and move over” is inviting extra danger yet some states do use that wording in the advice they give.

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Dangerous Lane-Changing by Truck Drivers – Remind Your Family & Friends

Remind all the drivers among your family and friends to always look for people doing lane-changes without signalling, particularly at intersections when they realize they’re heading the wrong way!  See all five photo’s, below.

So far, all appears normal, Vehicles in the two right lanes are heading for I-87 North, and in the two left lanes for I-87 South or I-90 West. (Copyright image, 2019.)

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