24 Things You Didn’t Know (or Forgot) About Safe Driving on Rural Roads!

Originally posted on the ADONA website – April 24, 2018

In developed countries around the world, it has long been known that rural roads are the location for far more deaths, measured against the total miles driven, than any other type of road or highway.  And this is equally true in the U.S.A.

“Twenty-five percent of all driving in America is on rural roads but this results, very disproportionately, in around fifty percent of all U.S. roadway fatalities.” —  Eddie Wren

There are several contributory reasons for this very serious situation:

Not one but two memorials, for two separate crashes on either side of this road at this one location in Illinois. (Photo copyright, 2012.)

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An Innovative and Simple Redesign of Roads in Sweden can Saves Lives Around the World

An accepted name for the new design is simply the ‘Swedish 2 + 1 road with wire rope median.’

Central guardrail / crash barrier on a rural road -- a Swedish road safety innovation.
This excellent feature for busy rural roads actually comes from Sweden, where it is known as a ‘2+1’ road.  A cable barrier or – as here – a solid barrier is placed, without a raised median, between opposing traffic.  Often there are two lanes in one direction and one in the other, but this alternates from one side to the other periodically, to permit overtaking. The result? No deadly head-on collisions… a major safety improvement.   (Copyright image, 2019.)

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Scenic Drive – Green Mountains, Vermont (with safety tips)

Our scenic drive across the southern end of Vermont had started with a family apple picking weekend in Brattleboro.  Once that was over, the chance of seeing wonderful scenery along with stunning fall foliage was far more tempting than yet another homeward journey via the I-90.

Kipling Road, Dummerston VT — a wonderful little country lane.  But on a safety note, imagine a motorcycle coming the other way, unseen, and then veering out to pass the pedestrians as you approach in your car.  By anticipating potential risks you could protect several individuals.  (Copyright image, 2019.)

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Road Safety Lessons from Norway – Introduction

Road safety lessons from Norway?  Are you asking yourself:  “Why Norway?”  If so, the answers — those that are visible to anyone that looks — are a revelation.

A motorhome / RV / camper van on top of one of the bridges on the Atlantic Road, in Norway.
Beautiful, sweeping bridges (two-way traffic) over a series of inlets on the evocatively-named ‘Atlantic Road’, on a stormy day, south west of Trondheim. And as suggested by the RV at the top of this bridge, Norway is a touring paradise.   (Copyright image, 2019.)

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