State Drivers Manuals still can’t be trusted in the USA – but they ARE improving!

Very recently, the vast majority of the information in U.S. state drivers’ manuals was not only inadequate in it’s quantity, but ridiculously, a lot of it was so bad that it was dangerous.  More recently, however, the standard has started to improve and farther down this article we will tell you how and why.

The use of bridge shadows, even on dull days, is a great way to check you have at least a three-second following distance. [Copyright image.]
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Road Safety USA article about ‘Attitude’ published on Forbes

Road Safety Culture and Attitude in the USA

We are delighted to let our readers know that Forbes has published an interview with Eddie Wren, our Executive Director at Road Safety USA, regarding the comparisons between both attitude and road safety culture in the USA and Europe, and the impact these issues have on crash and casualty figures here in the States.

In Norway, it is an everyday event to see some of the vulnerable road users bending the rules, like this skateboarder riding among traffic on a major street, but not once did we see any hostility or impatience from drivers in the vicinity.  They simply slowed down and gave such people plenty space.  In terms of safety, it was wonderful to see.   (Copyright image, 2019.)

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Road Safety Annual Report 2019 — see how the USA performed

It is a sad and frankly reprehensible fact that American people are led to believe that the USA performs to a high standard in road safety when the opposite is actually the truth.

This is not just some faceless crash-scene photo, this was the crash that killed a 21 year-old man in Pennsylvania when his car was hit head-on by the truck, in which the driver was using a cellphone.  Go to and type Paul Miller into the search box to see the full story.

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Roadside Memorials Commemorating U.S. Road Crash Victims

During the defensive- and advanced-driver instructing that I’ve done in over forty American states and six Canadian provinces, I have long-since lost count of how many crash victim’s roadside memorials I have happened to see — it is, of course, an excessive number because far too many people are killed and injured in road crashes every year.

A crash victim's roadside memorial.
A lonely, anonymous memorial to a road crash victim alongside an interstate highway. (Copyright image, 2018.)

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Deer-strike Collisions on U.S. Roads

Here we are again — the riskiest time of the year for having a collision with a deer on America’s roads — October, November and December.

Not something anyone likes to see, but naturally even worse if it was your car that now bears the damage as well.  (Copyright image, 2012.)

Deer-strike collisions are stunningly common in the USA.  It has been estimated that there are around 1.5 million deer killed in this manner every year.

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The Latest Crash and Casualty Figures for the USA

Because of the complexity of the subject, the finalized crash and casualty statistics for 2017 have just been released by NHTSA.

An overhead sign on the approach to a crash scene.  (Copyright image, 2019.)

In that year, in the USA, there were an estimated 6,452,000 police-reported traffic crashes, in which 37,133 people were killed and approximately 2,746,000 people were injured.

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Memorial Page – James Dean – 1955 (CA)

In order to highlight the dangerous but very commonly-held belief that  ‘it will never happen to me,’ and the extreme irony of Dean having recently made a Public Service Announcement for the NSC, about the dangers of fast driving on highways (see final paragraph), our very first Memorial Page is purposefully dedicated to one of the most famous Americans ever to lose his life in a car crash — James Dean, 1931-1955.

James Dean (Wikimedia Commons)

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