Volunteers Needed

At this stage, in relation to volunteers, our primary focus is to get to work in helping reduce the excessive numbers of road deaths each year in the USA , something for which we need volunteers nationwide. No technical knowledge of road safety is needed as full guidance will be given.

Airbags deflating immediately after a collison. (Copyright image.)
The crash bags are still deflating in this photograph, taken only moments after a collision between a car and the back end of a dump-truck. The car driver’s arm can just be seen at the right-hand side of the image. Fortunately, neither of the car occupants was badly hurt in the collision, the causes of which certainly included following too closely and/or distracted driving. (Copyright image, 2012)

The second of our two key tasks, regarding the support of crash survivors and of bereaved relatives, will be introduced as soon as feasible.

Specific Roles

We are hoping to find perhaps retired professionals, or those with some spare time, to help us with the following:

  1. Accountant
  2. Bookkeeper
  3. Financial Forecasts and Planning
  4. Fundraisers
  5. Public Relations specialist/s
  6. Events Planner/s
  7. Marketing Manager
  8. Data-entry clerks
  9. Groups Organiser/s
  10. Grief Counsellor/s

For the accountant and bookkeeper positions, we are looking for people living in the Albany area (Capital District) of New York State, or perhaps in the New York City area. All other tasks are open nationwide.

General Tasks

We have much to do throughout the USA, including the formation of local and regional groups, so if you are interested in helping, please just Contact Us and we will happily discuss the possibilities. We need people in all 50 states.