Dangerous Lane-Changing by Truck Drivers – Remind Your Family & Friends

Remind all the drivers among your family and friends to always look for people doing lane-changes without signalling, particularly at intersections when they realize they’re heading the wrong way!  See all five photo’s, below.

So far, all appears normal, Vehicles in the two right lanes are heading for I-87 North, and in the two left lanes for I-87 South or I-90 West. (Copyright image, 2019.)

These photographs, taken at Albany, NY, just yesterday (and as always, from the passenger seat), show two truck drivers who were either distracted or simply not concentrating, then they eventually wake up to the fact that they are heading the wrong way.

It could, of course be any drivers, by no means just truck drivers, but it cannot be ignored than reckless maneuvers such as these are even more dangerous when large vehicles are involved.

Follow events by looking at each photo in turn.  And remember to be aware that somebody might do this right in front of you, with no warning at all.  Keep your distance!

Here goes Superman! No signals, no consideration for safety, but less than a mile up I-87 he could have pulled off the highway, turned around safely, and headed back to I-87 South or I-90 West without jeopardizing anyone else’s life.  (Copyright image, 2019.)
Our super hero is now crossing a solid white line (which means “do not cross this line”)! Still no signals.  Look where the orange truck is, ahead of him.   (Copyright image, 2019.)
it looks like the driver of the white truck hasn’t finished yet. He’s going for a triple lane-change, right across the full intersection, but still not signalling — perhaps because his buddy in the orange truck has decided this is all a good idea so he’s now going for it, too! (Copyright image, 2019.)
Having illegally crossed the ‘gore’, the driver of the orange truck is now driving on the shoulder at around 55mph, and like his apparent mentor in the white truck, he has not signalled at all during his selfish and dangerous maneuver. (Copyright image, 2019.)

Interestingly, some text on the back of the orange truck (which was not displaying any license plate at all) read “Keep Back 100 Feet.”  But any driver who wants to do everything possible to stay safe should constantly look out, ahead and behind, for anyone who is driving badly, then do their best to keep well clear of them.

Please feel free to forward the URL or a link to this page to your family and friends.

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