The Limousine Tragedy at Schoharie, NY — Memorial Unveiled

A Memorial Page for 20 Victims

Exactly one year ago, on October 6, 2018, a stretch limousine suffered a catastrophic brake failure on a long hill near Schoharie, NY, and at the point where it eventually ran off the road and crashed it also hit two pedestrians.  Those two people, plus the 18 in the vehicle, were all killed.

Using shoes, the footprints of each victim have been imprinted in their individual memorial plaque.

Yesterday, our Executive Director at Road Safety USA went to the scene of the crash and the newly-unveiled memorial, and took a wreath of red roses from our organization, in memory of the dead and with condolences to so many bereaved relatives.

The individual stones at the Schoharie, NY, limousine crash memorial are set in a half-circle, and ringed by evergreens.

As time goes by, we hope to add individual memorial pages for each of the victims.  Please do contact us if you would like this to be done in relation to a loved one who was involved in this disastrous incident.

This side-view of the Schoharie NY limousine crash memorial shows the trajectory of the car, from the mile-long hill, top right, through the depression over which the memorial has now been constructed.

In the meanwhile, this page is a gallery to show the memorial stone of each of the victims, but more articles will be added about this topic in due course, particularly in relation to the causes of the crash and the issue of limousine safety in particular.


Individual Memorial Stones




Michael Christopher Ukaj

Born:  October 6, 1984









Richard M. (Rich) Steenburg, Jr.

Born:  August 7, 1984










Axel J. (AJ) Steenburg

Born:  August 8, 1989









Amy L. Steenburg

Born:  October 10, 1988









Allison A. King

Born:  June 17, 1987









Adam Jackson

Born:  June 28, 1984









Abigail M. Jackson

Born:  November 11, 1983









Robert Joseph Dyson

Born:  April 29, 1984









Mary E. Dyson

Born:  May 9, 1985









Matthew William Coons

Born:  January 24, 1991









Savannah Devonne Bursese

Born:  February 9, 1994









Patrick Kevin Cushing

Born:  June 19, 1987









Amanda D. Halse

Born:  April 18, 1992









Shane Thomas McGowan

Born:  March 6, 1988









Erin R. [Vertucci] McGowan

Born:  December 26, 1983









Amanda Rose Rivenburg

Born:  August 4, 1989









Rachael K. Cavosie

Born:  January 9, 1988









James Joseph Schnurr

Born:  October 7, 1947









Brian Gregory Hough

Born:  June 14, 1972






The other person killed was Scott Lisinicchia, 53, of Lake George (the driver).


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