USA is the Only Nation to Not Sign Global Declaration on Preventing Road Deaths

Out of more than 140 attending nations, only the USA has refused to sign up to a new declaration on road safety. The so-called Stockholm Declaration was issued at the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, held in Stockholm, Sweden, February 19–20, 2020.

Our own response to this is shown below.

A crash victim's roadside memorial.
A lonely, anonymous memorial to a road crash victim in the USA. (Copyright image, 2018.)

At Road Safety USA, this outcome leaves us virtually speechless.

In particular, the following, excerpted paragraph perpetuates terrible misinformation with yet another assertion that the USA is somehow doing a good job with road safety when, for several decades, it has in fact been consistently among the very worst-performing developed nations, with road-death rates 4x to 5x higher than those in the leading nations.

Quote: “While the United States supports many of the objectives outlined in the declaration, we find it necessary to dissociate ourselves from certain paragraphs,” said the U.S. dissenting statement, claiming that the offending paragraphs “muddle our focus and detract attention from data driven scientific policies and programs that have successfully reduced fatalities on roadways.”

Yet they claim to have reduced fatalities in America “successfully”???

The full, extremely important article, linked below, is from Forbes:


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