Another state increases safety rules for Amish buggies

In a country where the horse has played such an important role, it is surprising to find that most state drivers’ manuals contain little if any information about drivers safely approaching and passing horses or other animals that are under human control or being herded.

Because of the number of collisions and other bad incidents, Ohio is one of several states to increase the safety legislation.

(Wikimedia Commons)

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Deer-strike Collisions on U.S. Roads

Here we are again — the riskiest time of the year for having a collision with a deer on America’s roads — October, November and December.

Not something anyone likes to see, but naturally even worse if it was your car that now bears the damage as well.  (Copyright image, 2012.)

Deer-strike collisions are stunningly common in the USA.  It has been estimated that there are around 1.5 million deer killed in this manner every year.

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