Better US Road Safety Culture may be as Important as Vision Zero

Just yesterday, we posted excerpts and our comments regarding the Road Safety Annual Report 2019, and America’s poor performance by comparison with the vast majority of other developed nations.

This is what?  “My pick-up is bigger than your car, so I’m coming across!”?  (Copyright image, 2017.)

It has long been known that one of the key features in highway safety is the overall attitude of the people in the region or country concerned — the ‘road safety culture’.
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Road Safety Annual Report 2019 — see how the USA performed

It is a sad and frankly reprehensible fact that American people are led to believe that the USA performs to a high standard in road safety when the opposite is actually the truth.

This is not just some faceless crash-scene photo, this was the crash that killed a 21 year-old man in Pennsylvania when his car was hit head-on by the truck, in which the driver was using a cellphone.  Go to and type Paul Miller into the search box to see the full story.

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Should the USA Adopt the ‘Safety Corridor’ Approach for Crash Scenes?

Eight European countries are now requiring drivers to create a “safety corridor” to allow emergency vehicles swift access to trapped and injured people at crash scenes on congested roads.  This methodology could be a life-saver here in the USA, too.

Traffic separates to leave a ten-foot ‘lane’ to allow rescue and police vehicles to reach crash scenes. Getting this to work requires the provision of good education regarding the technique, together with enforcement that significantly penalizes those who selfishly try to cheat.  (Image courtesy of the ETSC)

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Memorial Page – Tyler Smedley – WA, December 2, 2015

Tyler Smedley

November 16, 1993 — December 2, 2015


Joanne Higgins’ nephew and Godson, Tyler Smedley, made some horrible choices on Dec 2, 2015, that cost him his life in a crash on Steamboat Island Rd., Steamboat Island, Washington State.

Joanne writes:

The pictures here are hard for me to see, yet I feel it’s important that I share them.  I want to show the dangers of cellphone use, the dangers of drinking & driving, and the dangers of speeding.

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Deer-strike Collisions on U.S. Roads

Here we are again — the riskiest time of the year for having a collision with a deer on America’s roads — October, November and December.

Not something anyone likes to see, but naturally even worse if it was your car that now bears the damage as well.  (Copyright image, 2012.)

Deer-strike collisions are stunningly common in the USA.  It has been estimated that there are around 1.5 million deer killed in this manner every year.

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Road Safety Lessons from Norway – Introduction

Road safety lessons from Norway?  Are you asking yourself:  “Why Norway?”  If so, the answers — those that are visible to anyone that looks — are a revelation.

A motorhome / RV / camper van on top of one of the bridges on the Atlantic Road, in Norway.
Beautiful, sweeping bridges (two-way traffic) over a series of inlets on the evocatively-named ‘Atlantic Road’, on a stormy day, south west of Trondheim. And as suggested by the RV at the top of this bridge, Norway is a touring paradise.   (Copyright image, 2019.)

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