Winter Tires or All-Season Tires — Which are Best & Safest?

(This copyright article was previously posted by Advanced Drivers of North America in 2017 and is reproduced here by permission.)

Which is better on winter roads: a two-wheel drive car with winter tires or a similarly-sized, four-wheel drive vehicle (such as an SUV or pick-up truck) with all-season tyres? …  The answer may surprise you.

Look at the vehicles that you see spun-off from snow or ice. You will be shocked how many of them are four-wheel-drive SUVs or pick-up trucks, which shows that the drivers don’t know the difference between traction and grip, for their tires. Winter or snow tires are far better than all-season even when it’s just cold, let alone when there actually is snow or ice.  (Copyright image, 2014.)

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