Florida HP Troopers Teach Road Safety to Pedestrians – but is this even appropriate?

The video in the attached article from Wink News hits the nail squarely on the head in an opening comment:  “Troopers are working to keep you safe on a dangerous stretch of roadway in Fort Myers…

Whether it was planned or accidental, the TV channel has identified the real rogue in this situation — the dreadful design, in safety terms, of the road itself.

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The Cost of Road Safety Improvements

Various areas have today announced planned spending on road engineering projects to enhance traffic safety, and two of these are Allegheny and Westmoreland counties, in Pennsylvania.

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What follows is a list showing the costs of just a few of the improvements, so that readers can understand just how expensive such things can be:

  • Coraopolis Borough – $205,000 to upgrade a traffic signal installation;
  • Shaler Township – $308,000 to install a new traffic signal;
  • South Park Township – $199,975 to construct an auxiliary left turn lane;
  • West View Borough – $12,682 to install overhead pedestrian crossing signs;
  • Latrobe – $122,000 to install electronic flashing school zone speed limit warning devices

For a full list of projects, totalling $13.1 million in PA alone, click here.